We are an eminent entity, affianced in providing high grade assortment of Pot-PTFE Bearings that also includes fixed pot bearings. These bearings are manufactured using high quality poly tetra fluoro ethylene with the proper assistance of a team of diligent professionals at our advanced unit. The offered bearings are widely cherished to be installed during construction of bridges for enhancing the capability to tolerate heavy traffic loads. These Pot-PTFE Bearings can be bought from us at affordable prices.


  • Rigid structure
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Flawless design


  • Fixed pot bearings.
  • Guided Sliding pot bearings.
  • Free Sliding pot bearings.

The main elements of our pot bearings is surface cylinder acknowledged as pit, an elastomeric pad regarded as disc as well as a set or single siding surfaces, piston and sealing rings. Base plates and masonry plates are normal for introduction of our bearings, as these permit association of bearings that enhance the reinforcement area on abutment and the pier. Our bearings are attached against every translation unless these are deployed with sliding surfaces of PTFE.

Piston and Pot:

Our pot bearings are produced deploying stainless steel pistons and structural carbon steel. Integrated sealing rings are made of brass that is most imperative part of our bearings for their prolong services, which are compulsory system adhered by our company.

Elastomeric Disc:

In our bearings upright load was operated through bearings piston and is impaled by compressive pressure in elastomeric pad that is deformable yet mostly in compressible and also, idealized as be possessing hydro statically, however, in virtual exerts shear compression.

Outer safety rubber dust seals:

These seals are provided on every bearing, impeding penetration of debris such as water, dirt, etc. that can harm brass sealing rings and elastomeric pad, offering substantial advantages.

Sorts of bearings made by our company:

  • Fixed pot bearings
  • Sliding free pot bearings
  • Guided sliding pot bearings


  • Our pot bearings are considered when bearing revolutions are huge, long term serviceability and compact outlines are demanded
  • These offer prolonged working life and smaller size as contrasted to elastomeric bearings
  • They has prolonged handling time
  • Have sustainability of numerous cycles of large and extremely small rotations
  • Inexpensive repair as substitution of elastomer disc is only demanded
  • Have resistivity against outer atmospheric correction

Additional Fixtures for Bearings:

Extra fixtures such as base plates, studs, PTFE sliding bearings, welded studs masonry plates, temporary bearings and more will be obtained for customers complete demands.

Advantages of Pot bearings are outlined as below :

  • These kinds of Pot bearings are generally optional when the bearing rotations are usually huge and large, also where there is a need of dense and compressed designs and also where long time serviceability is needed and expected.
  • These kind of Pot bearings generally offers an extended and long service life when they are compared along with the elastomeric bearings.
  • The Pot bearing are generally smaller in size when compared to the elastomeric bearings.
  • They come with the feature of longer maintenance time which means they need repairs or maintenance post a good amount of usage.
  • These kinds of Pot bearings can generally withstand and bear many kind of cycles of very small and very large rotations.
  • They have inexpensive and reasonably priced repair as a replacement of elastomer disc only.
  • These Pot bearings also do not get easily affected by the exterior atmospheric correction.