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Elastomeric bridge bearings pads

Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pads

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Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pads – Product Description

Elastomeric Bridge Bearings Pads Ameenji is engaged in providing high grade Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pads in India. Bridge flexibility is mainly achieved by a module called bridge elastomeric bearing pad. This is naturally made of a strong and flexible material such as neoprene which is a type of heavy-duty industrial rubber. These pads are placed in between buildings such as the bridge beam and arrangements such as the vertical supports called piers. Elastomeric bridge bearing pads are essential for a safe and economical bridge design, they are broadly prototyped and tested before they are used in construction.our products are manufactured to be perfect in all aspects like design, built, use, conflict and durability. All of our products are tested and exported to foreign countries such as USA, Japan, Bangladesh, Dubai, Oman, Bhutan, Algeria, Egypt. Elastomeric bearing is neither luxurious nor requires considerable preservation, that is why it the most desired bearing type

We manufacture these elastometric bridge bearings according to specification, making use of the most advanced and effective methods and technology, and from the finest quality materials. We make use of low-friction natural rubber to ensure the strength, elasticity, and strength of the product. These bearings are designed to accommodate vertical, longitudinal, horizontal and transverse loads / movements and rotation of the building caused by thermal effect, structural load, wind load, seismic load etc. These bearings effectively release the stress on the bridge and have excellent rotation in all the directions and movements.

Types of bearings

  •   Sliding bearings
  •   Elastomeric bearings
  •   Curved bearings/li>
  •   Pot bearings